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Why do these tags even exist

Why do these tags even exist

I recently went to a site that I needed to get some information from and lo and behold the were thinking that the bgsound was so new technology and they have to use it. The worst thing was they choose the birthday song. This is even more tramatizing since my experience in a Chinese restuarant were they thought that the birthday song in english was so cool and played it over and over and over, until 2 minutes before we left the restuarant.

This brings me to the point of who and why ever decided to allow people to easily put sound into a web page that the enduser cant control. With that said, why has it lasted all these years. Shouldnt it have been dead a long time ago?

Another HTML Tag that I hate is the META refresh tag. I went to a site were the though that it was so nice and implemented it into there page. Unfortunetly, the set it for 1 second refresh rate. I was unable to scroll to the bottom of the page without it refreshing to the top of the page. My question is why does this tag exist an who in there right mind whould use it? If I want my page to refresh, I use javascript or another language, not a META refresh tag.

If anyone else has any more Why does this tag even exist? experiences, I would love to hear them. I am thinking about writing an article for my web site aboout them.

First of all, I really think that bgsound has no good purpose. And yes, I understand that many depreciated tags were nessecary way back in the big bang of the internet, new sites are still utilizing old, annoying depreicated tags and attributes. But I ask you this, would you ever use in your right mind, ?

As for modifing your 25,000 pages. I would just use a batch find and replace. Delete the bgcolor attribute and put a link to a central CSS file in your site. i dont like the question mark tag in php i mean really, why a question mark? everytime i try play around with a php script i run into these damned question marks that always make me question my code!!!!!

lol, and off the subject of arbitrary whinging about tag abuse and why oh why some insist on staring at the site that annoys the hell out of em, i would like to say. Ow, Northie i almost felt like going to sit in the corner. Very good point though. I to enjoy referring to the days of no domain names and only static ips. but more to the point, one should learn before trying to change. i read that in a tutorial css the other day. you must learn the rules before you can break them.

Which applies here to, one day you may be in a position to abolish tags but nobodies gonna take you seriously if you cant come up a decent explanation other than its irratating as to why a tag serves no purpose.

I guess that there is some good purposes to it. And it is mostly just because I hate the abuse. I cant stand people you use features just because they are there. with a loop on it. Even with CSS and JavaScript, there is better ways to add and control sound on your page.

I also want to know why you would want to refresh your page in 1 second intervals using the META. I though of some uses but I would find that JavaScript would be better implemented in all those cases.

acrode wrote:I also want to know why you would want to refresh your page in 1 second intervals using the META. I though of some uses but I would find that JavaScript would be better implemented in all those cases.

a meta refresh is the proper semantic way to refresh a page, pre javascript, pre ajax which is javascript based

Remember javascript is a taint on a clean HTML specification.

Any useragent is required to behave correctly with respect to the HTML but is not required to parse javascript

JavaScript comes blocked on earlier versions of IE perhaps even the latest, havent checked; many people who are new to computers see the warning, this script is trying to run, it may be harmful or whatever the message is, and think that is might actually be dangerous. Ive had my 50 year old aunt, who just got a computer a couple of months ago, call me plenty of times asking if its okay to let the script run. Admittably, javascript is better, but if youre trying to be nice to newbies, it may not be the best way to go.

Theres a reason that tags some useless tags are there, just as there is a reason that some useless javascript functions are there. OnUnload may be annoying when spammers use it, as may be the create new window function, but theyre there for a purpose, and I wouldnt suggest getting rid of them..

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