Monday, 13 January 2014

Very sharp stabbing pain under right breast

Very sharp stabbing pain under right breast

i too have been having chest pains. it started out with a very short 35 second sharp pain that would go away, and just yesterday started doing something new. the pain is on my right side, just under my ribs. if i slouch or curl up, the pain goes away, but if i sit up straight, or try to breath deeply, it comes back. also, ive found that if im lying on my right side, the pain is completely gone, whereas if i lie on my left side, it hurts really bad. the sensation i get is that there is something heavy hanging by my lowest rib, and when i lie on my left side, it pulls down. like, an organ in there is barely attached to my rib, and whatever its attached with it breaking.

I experience a sharp pain about 2 inches under my right nipple when I exercise on my bike and start breathing heavily. The pain is very quick. It almost feels like something is pulling apart, similar to a stretched rubber band breaking and then it is over. It lasts less than a second. I have no tenderness or any other pain or symptoms. It only happens when I really push myself and start breathing heavily. It seems to happen less and less as I ride each day but it still happens with some regularity when I push myself hard. It sometimes will happen more than once on a ride but usually it happens once and is over. I may be subconsciously restricting my efforts afraid that I will experience again. It is not particulary painful but it is a sharp enough pain that it is causing me some concern and apprehension.

About 8 or 10 years ago I had a bad fall while snowboarding and cracked some ribs and the chiroprator that xrayed me said that I had also sprung some ribs. It seemed to take a long time 34 months for this injury to heal and the pain to go away. I have not done any cardio exercise since then that really made me breathe heavily until I started taking up bicycling in the last 8 months. I have always done alot of walking but nothing that got my heart rate and respiration elevated.

Could this just be old scar tissue that is breaking loose as I expand my lung capacity or is there some organ in that area that is giving me problems. I really have been blessed to have no health problems, but this occasional sharp pain is causing me some concern.

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