Sunday, 12 January 2014

Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated

________I associate with highly positive people whose upbeat attitudes are contagious.________I schedule an annual vacation, and occasional long weekends for R recognize that I am responsible for my moods. Circumstances arent, other people arent, bad luck isnt I assume full responsibility for my moods.

________I maintain a sensible attitude about rejection, and avoid paranoid feelings.

________Im not overwhelmed and depressed by my duties, because I am well organized.

________I go to my friends and peers for advice and encouragement when lifes pressures start causing stress and worry.

________I dont get bogged down in gossip, criticism, and other forms of negative thinking and talking.

________I have selected one or two highly respected mentors to serve as role models for my career, and I learn from them frequently.

________I avoid boredom by trying new strategies, at least twice a month.

TOTAL SCORE:___________ All 10s would give you 180 points, all 7s would give you 126 points. Where does your score fall?

Now, please note what your score indicates. Are you using enough of these spiritboosters? Which ones can you add to your current list of healthy habits?

Also, what spiritboosters are you using that dont appear on the above list?

I encourage you to remain on the lookout constantly for thoughts and activities that will elevate your morale. Youll gain personal serenity, improve family relationships, enrich friendships, and work with greater cooperation and productivity.

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