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How To Change Language Settings in Microsoft Office

How To Change Language Settings in Microsoft Office

Word Options, click on Language Settings and add or remove the required country.

Methods of Customising Language Settings

Office Customisation Tool OCT; andGroup policies to enforce language settings are used more by an organisation IT department as the settings can be changed all at once rather than manually changing each computer.

Policies enforce default language settings so users in an organisation cannot permanently modify settings managed by policy. The settings are reapplied every time users log on.

Office Customisation Tool OCT

OCTs are used to create a Setup customisation file MSP file that applies during the installation. Settings specified in the OCT are the default settings. Users can modify the settings after the installation is complete.

To use the OCT to customize language settings, run Setup with the /admin commandline option.

On the Modify User Settings page, expand the tree to Microsoft Office 2007 system\Language Settings. Then, open the folder that you want in the left pane. Doubleclick the setting in the right pane, click Enable, and specify a value.

Save the Setup customisation file in the Updates folder at the root of the network installation point.

The setup will apply the file automatically when installing Office on other computers.

Language Settings Tool

This method is very similar to going through Word Options. To change the settings using this method go to the Start menu, click Programs, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Office Tools.

Click Microsoft Office 2007 Language Settings and then select the Display Language tab. This tab is available only when more than one language version is installed on the computer.

In the Display menus select the user interface language. In the Display Help in box, select a language for online Help. If you do not specify a language for Help, the online Help language uses the user interface language.

Click the Editing Languages tab, and select the language that you want to be available and then click the Add button. Repeat this step for each editing language that you want to add.

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