Thursday, 9 January 2014

How much does marijuana cost in California

How much does marijuana cost in California

Green Cross offers decent quality weed in a competitive but wealthy market and includes fees for delivery and tax, so its prices are on the high side of standard. In some markets, you can easily buy an eighth as cheaply as $35. On the other hand, for particularly potent strains or particularly demandheavy markets, $60 is not an unheard of price for an eighth.

A gram of weed roughly a third of an eighth will usually run around $20.

As you can see, the cost tradeoff of buying in bulk is not dramatic; buying the largest personal use size is only a perounce savings of about 33% over buying the smallest personal use size despite being 28x the quantity. Compare this to buying a single beer vs. buying a 30rack. Kept in an airtight container usually mason jars, marijuana keeps well for a few months, which helps keep demand for large quantities high and thus the discount low.

Almost all lowlevel marijuana dealers, at least in affluent areas, start out as the most prolific and best connected stoner in a friend group. What this ends up meaning is that the supply/demand ratio is fairly static across geographies customers essentially become the supply liquidly and prices end up being determined mostly by cost of living. On the other hand, quality is almost exclusively regionally dependent; almost all weed in California is significantly better than almost all weed in Georgia. If you want California weed on the East Coast, you gonna have to pay extra for that.

Overall, marijuana is a fairly cheap drug. An eighth can probably support 25 to 30 personhighs on average. That comes in at a little under $2 a personhigh. Alcohol has large variance in tolerance and price, but that is competitive for most people even with cheap beer. Most synthetic harder drugs are on the order of magnitude of $10 a personhigh. Mushrooms are significantly more expensive, on the order of $20 a personhigh.

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